Wiley Wiggins

Wiley Wiggins Net Worth of 300 Thousand Dollars

Wiley Wiggins is an American actor and blogger with a net worth of 300 1000 bucks. Wiley Wiggins came into this world in Austin, Texas, and began the professional acting career of his as he was in the teens of his, appearing in Richard Linklater's cult hit, "Dazed plus Confused". He then proceeded to steady work of film functions for the next few years, appearing in such projects as "Love and a.45", Thanks", Sorry, "Goliath", "Frontier", "Waking Life", "The Faculty", "Plastic Utopia", "Boys", and "Computer Chess". He soon began composing for several computer related publications in the early 90s, including Fringeware Review, Mondo 2000, and Boing Boing, and subsequently launched the own weblog of his, called "It's Not For Everyone". The popular site is dedicated to make, free culture, art, and technology. In addition to his writing and acting work, he's also worked as an editor and also producer on such projects as "The Outlaw Son" as well as "Frontier".

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