Wendy Thomas

Wendy Thomas Net Worth of 100 Million Dollars

Wendy Thomas will be the child of the American businessman Dave Thomas with a net worth of hundred million dollars. Born in Pensacola Beach, Florida, Wendy Thomas graduated from the Faculty of Florida and currently resides in Texas. She's most widely recognized as the daughter of Wendy's Restaurant founder, Dave Thomas, and it's the image of her which shows up on Wendy's promotional materials and packaging. She had multiple Wendy's places in Texas, until her father's death in 2002. The siblings of her and she subsequently acquired additional restaurants in Ohio, too. She currently has around thirty Wendy's locations. Even thought not seen, the father of her often came out in Wendy's advertisements, and also in 1989, she was heard in one spot. In 2010, she started to appear in advertisements for the restaurant, in very much similar manner as the dad of her. Even thought had been initially just aired in parts of the South and Midwest, the ads have since gone national. In addition to the ownership chores of her with Wendy's, she also serves on the panel of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

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