Wellington R. Burt

Wellington R. Burt Net Worth of 90 Million Dollars

Wellington R. Burt was an American manufacturing baron that received a net worth of ninety million. Wellington R. Burt was created in Pike, New York in August 1831 and passed out in March 1919. At some point Burt was placed as the 8th wealthiest male in America. He was involved in iron minding, finances, railroads, salt mines, and famous for lumber mills and timber holdings. Burt was additionally a politician and was Mayor of East Saginaw through 1867 to 1868. He served as a Senator from Michigan through 1893 to 1894. Burt was nicknamed "The Lone Pine of Michigan" and lived alone in a mansion with the servants of his. Wellington received a strange will which contained a spite clause to avenge a family feud. The clause said the majority of the fortune of his couldn't go to any descendants until twenty one years after both the children of his and grandchildren passed away. All those conditions had been met in 2010 when twelve of the descendants of his received the estate which was worth about hundred million. Burt had most of the Ann Arbor Railroad process at once and also bought railways in Russian federation and China.

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