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Veronica Roth Net Worth of 30 Million Dollars

Veronica Roth is an American novelist and brief story author known for the debut of her New York Times Bestselling novels, Insurgent and divergent, with a net worth of thirty million. The third book of her, Allegiant, finishes the "Divergent trilogy" plus was launched in 2013. Divergent was turned into a movie, additionally entitled Divergent, and premiered on March eighteen, 2014. Even thought was raised in Barrington, Illinois, Roth came into this world in New York City. She got the undergraduate degree of her from Northwestern Faculty, that she chose due to the creative writing program of its, and began writing the first book in the trilogy of her while on winter break during the senior season of her. She's the receiver of the Goodreads 2011 Choice Award, and the very best of 2012 in the group Young Adult Science and Fantasy Fiction. Roth was also given the name of Best Goodreads Author found 2012. Her career has taken off quite swiftly with the success of the very first novel of her and the film rights to Divergent being sold to Summit Entertainment just before she graduated from university or college. The filming of Divergent, and that is the movie adaptation of the first book in the series of her, was started in April 2013. She also has 4 short stories from Tobias Eaton's point of view that she's releasing to the public. The first story, The Transfer, was launched in 2013, and the subsequent 3 were released in July 2014. The short stories will be offered separately as e books, and are also readily available as a compilation entitled, Four: A Divergent Story Collection. In 2011, photographer was married by her, Nelson Fitch, and the couple live in Chicago. Veronica Roth is among the highest paid writers on the planet. In 2014 alone she earned twenty five million.

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