Tyler Shields Net Worth of 1 Million Dollars

Tyler Shields is an American photographer as well as former master inline skater who has a net worth of one million dollars. Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Tyler Shields initially rose to prominence participating in the X Games as a vert skater. He competed professionally for a selection of years and in addition toured with famed skater, Tony Hawk. He shifted the focus of his by skating to photography in the mid 2000s, and rapidly made a title for himself with his eye popping and often controversial photographs. Right after introducing the career of his on Myspace, he became the "go to" photographer for Hollywood celebrities, and is recognized for using blood in the work of his, as well as evoking videos of violence. Most recently, he made statements as he photographed actress Lindsay Lohan with a gun, and staged a fake shooting as part of the accompanying art exhibit. He also sparked huge controversy as he photographed Heather Mills, of "Glee" fame, fashioned like she was a target of domestic violence. He donated proceeds from the purchase of 3 of the prints from that shoot to domestic violence charities in reaction to criticism.

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