Tony Kanal Net Worth of 25 Million Dollars

Tony Kanal is a British American musician, record producer and songwriter with a net worth of twenty five million dollars. Born in Kingsbury, London, England, Tony Kanal lived all around as he was a kid, trying to stay briefly in London, Canada, and Indiana. When he was in elementary school, the family of his finally settled in Anaheim, California, where they opened a gift shop. The father of his suggested an instrument is played by him, plus he began with the saxophone, but later shifted to bass. This resulted in him joining the team, No doubt, as the bassist of theirs. At the urging of the parents of his, he attended California State University Fullerton, where he majored in psychology, while also pursuing the music career of his. In addition to the job of his with no Doubt, he's likewise produced path for the soundtrack of "50 First Dates", as well as writing & growing path for Gwen Stefani's first solo album, Pink's album, "Funhouse", and Shontelle's album, "No Gravity". He and the girlfriend of his, actress Erin Lokitz, recently had a baby girl.

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