Tom Green Net Worth of 5 Million Dollars

Tom Green is a Canadian actor, comedian, writer, rapper, talk show host and media personality with a net worth of five million dollars. Rap artist, actor, and a comedian, Tom Green starred on the show, "The Tom Green Show" on MTV, and the reboot of its, "The New Tom Green Show". He also came out in the movies, "Freddy Got Fingered", "Road Trip", and "Charlie's Angels", among others. He's currently hosting internet show, "Tom Green's House Tonight".

Born Michael Thomas Green on July thirty, Canada, Ontario, in Pembroke, 1971, he's a Canadian entertainer-of-all-trades who became particularly known for the distinctive style of his of shock humor. But having entered the show biz returned in 1986, Green has donned many hats to date, by turning into a rapper to a standup comedian, as well as an actor and a tv presenter. He was only 15 when he started to do like a standup comedian. Then, he proceeded to get a rap career, naming himself "MC Bones" and performing with the number "Organized Rhyme". Eventually, he spun into a radio host in Canada. It was in 1994 he found mainstream fame via the MTV tv of his show The Tom Green Show. Until the show wounded up in 1999, Green had already proven himself as an international guru of gross out. Green was also making statements with his short lived marriage to actress Drew Barrymore, as well as for the turns of his in such movies as Road Trip (2000), Charlie's Angels (2000), Freddy Got Fingered (2001) and Stealing Harvard (2002). In June 2003, Green started to serve as a guest host on hit evening show, Late Show With David Letterman, that helped him host his very own late night talk show on MTV entitled The new Tom Green Show. Then, in the period at 2006 to 2011, he hosted the internet talk of his show Tom Green's House Tonight through the living room of his. While as of October 2013, Green is the host of live weekly talk show Tom Green Live on AXS TV. A testicular cancer survivor, Tom Green has also set up the "Tom Green's Nuts Cancer Fund" to raise money for cancer research.

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