Tinie Tempah Net Worth of 3 Million Dollars

Tinie Tempah is an English rapper with a net worth of three million dollars. Even thought it is also known by the stage name of his, Tinie Tempah, he was born Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu in November of 1988. He came into this world in London following the parents of his had moved from Nigeria. The family stayed in London until Tempah was twelve, when they moved to Woolwich. 12 is also the age during that he conceived the stage name of his, when he decided he wanted to become a specialist rapper. He's said to have chosen "Tempah" following the word "temper," and then paired it with "tiny" in order to create opposite meanings in a single juxtaposition. Right after releasing the 1st mixtape of his in 2005, Tempah's album, Disc Overy came out as number one in October of 2010 in the United Kingdom. Before the album release of his, he'd released 2 faster hit singles. Then, in February of 2011, Tempah won a selection of awards for he debut efforts, including 2 Brit Awards, that he landed for Best British Breakthrough Act as well as Best British Single. The next album of his, Demonstration, came out on 2013. Before the introduction of the album, songs Trampoline (debuted as number three) and Children of the Sun (debuted as number six) were released.

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