Taran Noah Smith

Taran Noah Smith Net Worth of 300 Thousand Dollars

Taran Noah Smith is a former American kid actor who has a net worth of 300 1000. Born in San Francisco, California, Taran Noah Smith began acting as a kid, and was almost immediately cast as probably the youngest son on the hit sitcom, "Home Improvement". He had the role of Mark Taylor for the following 8 years. In addition to the work of his on "Home Improvement", he also had guest starring roles in such projects as "Ebbie", "Little Bigfoot two: The Journey Home", and "7th Heaven". Following the run of "Home Improvement" ended, he went to court in an effort to get control over the trust fund of his from the parents of his, as he didn't feel they had been acting in the best interests of his. The lawsuit was won by him. Right after participating in the Faculty of South California Film School for several days, he dropped out to open the own vegan restaurant of his, farm, along with non dairy cheese manufacturer called Playfood.

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