T. D. Jakes Net Worth of 18 Million Dollars

T. D. Jakes would be the Apostle/Bishop of The Potter's House with a net worth of eighteen million. Thomas Dexter Jakes (aka T. D. Jakes) was created June nine, 1957 in South Charleston, West Virginia. The Potter's House, a non denominational American megachurch with 30,000 members broadcasts T. D. Jakes' evangelistic sermons and church services on The Potter's Touch, which airs on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, Black Entertainment Television, the Daystar Television Network, The Word Network and the Miracle Channel in Canada. Other aspects of Jakes' ministry include an annual revival called MegaFest which draws more than 100,000 men and women, an annual female's seminar called Woman Thou Art Loosed as well as gospel music recordings. In 1980, at age twenty three, Jakes became the pastor of Greater Emanuel Temple of Faith, a storefront church of Smithers, West Virginia with 10 members. In 1993 he moved to Cross Lanes, West Virginia, where the congregation grew to more than 1,100 men and women, of whom sixty % were African American and forty % were Caucasian. From 1995 to 1996, Jakes hosted Get Ready, a weekly television and also radio show with national division through distribution. Throughout 1996 Jakes, a staff, children, and his wife of fifty employees relocated to Dallas, Texas where Jakes founded the Potter's House, a non denominational megachurch. Located on a 34 acre hilltop campus, the Potter's House features a 5,000 seat auditorium, as well as offices for personnel and workers and produced the church to 14,000 members by 1998. Throughout 2005 Jakes accompanied President George W. Bush on the visit of his to the areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Numerous honors, including thirteen honorary doctorates and degrees have been received by Jakes. He's additionally received Grammy and Dove Award nominations for Gospel album Live within The Potter's House. Ethics Newsweekly as well as PBS Religion named Jakes amongst America's Top ten Religious Leaders. Time magazine showcased Jakes on the cover of the September of its seventeen, 2001 issue with the provocative query, "Is This Man the Next Billy Graham?"

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