Steve Harris Net Worth of 30 Million Dollars

Steve Harris is an English songwriter and musician with a net worth of thirty million dollars. Stephen Percy Harris came into this world in Leytonstone, Essex, England in March 1956. He's famous to be the bass player just for the heavy metal band Iron Maiden. Harris is the only person in the band which has remained with them since the inception of theirs. Harris is self taught and purchased the first bass guitar of his for forty pounds in 1971. The first band of his was recognized as Influence and changed to Gypsy's Kiss. Following the band split Smiler was joined by him and began writing songs with new members of Iron Maiden. He created the band Iron Maiden in 1975 and they also signed a contract with EMI found 1979. Harris will be the band's major composer and lyricist. The band has released fifteen studio albums and has sold above eighty five million records worldwide. Since 1975 the band has played above 2,000 live shows. They won a Grammy Award in 2011 and an Ivor Novello Award for International Achievement in 2002. In addition to bass, Harris also plays computer keyboard and provides backing vocals. His debut solo album British Lion was launched in 2012. His daughter Lauren is actually a singer and guitar is played by the son George of his. The daughter Kerry of his is a production assistant for the band of his. Harris has also produced and co produced several of the band's albums, as well as blowing and editing the live videos of theirs.

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