Shin Kyuk-ho

Shin Kyuk-ho Net Worth of 1.7 Billion Dollars

Shin Dong Joo is a South Korean businessman with a net worth of 1.7 billion. Shin Dong Joo is probably the eldest son of Lotte Group's founder Shin Kyuk ho. The positions of Vice Chairman of The Vice and lotte Holdings President of Lotte Group in Japan are can hol by Shin Dong-Joo. Whereas the brother Shin Dong Bin of his serves as the Chairman of the company, famous for candies and ice cream creation. But apart from turning into a sweets maker, the team also works in several sectors, including hotel management and golf course. But, most of Shin Dong-Joo's money comes out of the publicly traded unit store arm Lotte Shopping. A married male with one kid, Shin Dong Joo also resides in Tokyo, Japan.

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