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Sean Bean Net Worth of 20 Million Dollars

Sean Bean net worth and salary: Sean Bean is a British actor with a net worth of twenty million. Sean Bean has an acting resume that anyone could be proud of. however, the net worth of his was not gained in a single day? Bean has worked as a character actor in a variety of films and also television shows, and while the name of his might not be familiar to you, it is a sure bet you have seen the face of his. Such as lots of actors, Bean's career began on the stage, earning lots of acclaim for the work of his in Waiting for Godot, and his job with the Royal Shakespeare Company. He made the film debut of his in 1986 in the movie Caravaggio. From there, he slowly became an accredited actor on British tv, ultimately showing up in a single of his most famous (in Britain) functions as the titular character of Sharpe, a television set series about Napoleonic Wars rifleman Richard Sharpe.

He eventually moved onto Hollywood, where he established a niche for himself playing scoundrels and villains in films as Goldeneye and Ronin, which resulted in his being cast of arguably his most popular character? Boromir in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Bean also really famously played the role of Ned Stark on the first season of the hit HBO show Game of Thrones.

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