Scott Foley Net Worth of 5 Million Dollars

Scott Foley is an American actor with a net worth of five million dollars. Born in Kansas City, Kansas, Scott Foley started the professional career of his in the mid 90s, appearing in guest recurring and starring roles on such television shows as, "Sweet Valley High", "Step by Step", and "Dawson's Creek", and in such television movies as, "Crowned and Dangerous" and "Forever Love. Throughout 1998, he was cast in the job that would make him a household name, as Noel Crane on the hit show, "Felicity". He had the role for 4 months, and also came out in such projects as, "Scream 3", "Stealing Time", "Below", "Zoe, Duncan, Jane" and Jack, and "Girls Club". Since the conclusion of "Felicity", he's played guest recurring or starring roles on such shows as, "Scrubs", "Cougar Town", "Grey's Anatomy", "True Blood", & "Scandal". Also, he co starred on the criminal series, "The Unit".

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