Sandra Ortega Mera

Sandra Ortega Mera Net Worth of 6.2 Billion Dollars

Sandra Ortega Mera is a Spanish heiress with a net worth of 6.2 billion. Probably The eldest kid of Amancio Ortega, the world's third richest human being and founding father of attire giant Inditex, she come to be a billionaire soon after she inherited a portion of the family riches. It was in August 2013 once the unexpected death of the late mother of her, Rosalia Mera, that Sandra and the brother Marcos of her got hold of a fair slice of the household money. Together with the brother of her, Sandra received eighty six % of the number Rosp Corunna, which has the world's biggest clothing retailer Zara. Thus, Sandra Ortega Mera became the second richest person of Spain, right after the dad of her. Being only a shareholder who's not actively involved in the business, Sandra devotes the time of her to Fundación Paideia, a nonprofit started by the mom of her. She's currently vice president of the organization which supports vocational education for men and women with physical and mental disabilities, mainly helping them find mainstream tasks. A psychologist by vocation, Sandra Ortega Mera lives in the Galician town of La Coruña on the Atlantic coast with the husband of her and 3 children.

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