Sam Gores

Sam Gores Net Worth of 150 Million Dollars

Sam Gores is an American talent agent who has a net worth of 150 million bucks. Born in Nazareth, Israel to parents of Greek descent and Lebanese, Sam Gores relocated to Flint, Michigan with the family of his as he was fourteen years. He soon began doing work as a butcher as he was sixteen, and was on the way of his to a career as being a grocer by time he was eighteen. He caught the acting bug a couple of years later, and enrolled in the American Academy of the Dramatic Arts, that had only opened a school on the West Coast. He realized fairly quickly that while he liked performing, he discovered doing work behind the scenes to be more interesting. Of the course of the following 7 years, he will work for 3 various companies, slowly building a good reputation of Hollywood. In 1986, he opened the own company of his, SGA Representation, Inc. SGA proceeded to be the very efficient company known as Paradigm, for what Mr. Gores presently serves as Chairman. Adrien Brody, Chris Copper, Neil Patrick Harris, Aerosmith, Coldplay, The Black Eyed Peas, and The Fray, among several other successful artists is included by latest clients.

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