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Ron Sturgeon Net Worth of 40 Million Dollars

Ron Sturgeon net worth and salary: Ron Sturgeon is an American auto salvage specialist and entrepreneur with a net worth of seventy five million dollars. Ron Sturgeon was created in Birmingham, Alabama, and graduated from Richland High School in the early 70s. He soon began running his VW Beetle repair shop in the early 70s, to help himself and the brother of his, following his dad passed away unexpectedly. The repair shop grew to include auto sales, body work, auto recycling, and marketing and advertising and application development. The company ultimately became among the biggest auto recyclers in the country. In 1999, he sold it to Ford for more than ten million. He then launched an auto auction company which he later sold for five million. His recycling company was bought by him back from Ford, and then resold it for 23.5 million 2 years later. He finally has fourteen classic cars & and has extensive plaything car collection.

Ron recently announced the possibility that he might be leaving the total large fortune of his to 3 individuals that are not the kids of his. They are not actually human. As crazy as this sounds, Ron is possibly planning to leave his seventy five million fortune the dogs of his. When this happens, Willy, Dixie, and Lance, a trio known to the social networking community as the "Spoiled Cavaliers", would surely be probably the richest pets in the world, right? He is so connected to them, that a reality series is currently being created near the life of his, the family of his, and his dogs.?Tentatively titled "Going to the Dogs", the show is a combination of reality show and reality competition.

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