Robert L Johnson

Robert L Johnson Net Worth of 550 Million Dollars

Robert L. Johnson is an American businessman, executive and investor with a net worth of 550 million. Robert Louis Johnson came into this world in Hickory, Mississippi in April 1946. He's the ninth of 10 kids in the family of his and earned a master's degree at Princeton Faculty in 1972. He was introduced to television market in the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Johnson functioned as the director of marketing communications just for the National Urban League and later worked for the National Television and Cable Association. He released Black Entertainment Television (BET) found 1980. BET became the first TV system aimed to African Americans. BET became the first black controlled business entity that was mentioned on the NYSE found 1991. BET was acquired by Viacom found 2000 for three billion. On from the organization in 2006 was moved by Johnson. He proceeded to discovered the RLJ Companies that is a holding company with a very diverse portfolio. In 2002 he purchased the NBA's Charlotte Bobcats, turning the first African American majority owner associated with a major American sports group. He sold the majority stake of his in 2010 to Michael Jordan. He worked with Morgan Freeman in 2011 to simply help prepare for hurricanes in the Bahamas.

Robert and Sheila Johnson Divorce: Robert and Sheila Johnson were married from 1969 2002. When they divorced, Sheila 400 million was paided by Robert. That is sufficient to be among ten most expensive divorce settlements of all time.

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