Richard Desmond

Richard Desmond Net Worth of 2.5 Billion Dollars

Richard Desmond is a British media magnate who has a net worth of 2.5 billion. A self made billionaire, Mr. Desmond is best known as the owner of UK's famous network, Channel five. Born Richard Clive Desmond on December eight, 1954 in London, he dropped out of high school to work in the classified advertisements section of the Thomson Group. He was 20 when he set up Northern & Shell in 1974. The company evolved over time and by 1983 a license to publish Penthouse in the UK. Because of the interest of his in each advertising and music was obtained by it, he even started a magazine called International Musician. In 2000, the ownership with the British newspaper group Express, which includes such titles as the Daily and Sunday Express, the was gotten by him Daily Star and Daily Star Sunday, as well as the Irish Daily Star. By 1993, the team started to publish the celebrity weekly magazine Ok! Aside from the above titles, Richard Desmond also had more than forty adult entertainment publications which he later on sold in 2004. It was on July twenty three, 2010 Channel5 was bought by him, which airs Dallas, American Celebrity and Idol Big Brother. Since the acquisition of its, a couple of major changes transforming the board, slimming down staff, moving headquarters and investing in a host of new programming have been made by Desmond.

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