Percy Sledge

Percy Sledge Net Worth of 10 Million Dollars

Percy Sledge was an American R&B as well as soul singer with a net worth of ten million dollars. Percy Sledge came into this world in Leighton, Alabama, and began the professional performance career of his touring with the Esquires Combo on the weekend, while working as a clinic orderly throughout the week. Right after signing a recording contract in 1966, he released the first song of his, "When a man Loves a Woman". The song was a quick hit, and climbed to #1 on the charts in the United States, and to the Top ten in the UK. He followed that song up with a selection of other widely used ballads, including "Take Time to know Her", "Love Me Tender", and "I'll Be The Everything" of yours. He toured successfully throughout the 70s, performing massive concerts in the US, Europe, and Africa. His popularity surged again in the late 80s, when the track" of his When a man Loves a Woman" was used in a Levi's commercial. 8 studio albums have been released by him. His very recent, "Shining Through the Rain", was nominated for a Grammy Award. In 1989, the Rhythm was received by Sledge and Blues Foundation's Career Achievement Award, and also in 2005 he was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. On April fourteen, 2015 Percy Sledge lost a long battle with cancer at the home of his in Baton Rouge. He was seventy three years of age.

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