Othman Benjelloun

Othman Benjelloun Net Worth of 2.4 Billion Dollars

Othman Benjelloun is a Moroccan businessman with a net worth of 2.4 billion. Othman Benjelloun came into this world to a family which had a sizable part of Moroccan insurance company. Othman had taken over the tight in 1988. Ever since, he's turned it into a major insurer RMA Watanya. Then he enhanced the insurance business venture of his into the banking business. Nowadays, the publicly traded BMCE Bank of his has expanded the presence of its in at least twelve countries in Africa, having purchased the Mali based Bank of Africa in 2010. The banking aspect of Benjelloun's business profession, and that is just based on the market capitalization profits of its, is worth four billion. While his holding company FinanceCom holds interests in telecommunications, info technology and airlines. Othman Benjelloun, mentioned as probably the richest person in Morocco, is married with 2 kids. The son Kamal of his, a clean tech enthusiast, is an obvious heir.

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