Odd Reitan

Odd Reitan Net Worth of 3.9 Billion Dollars

Odd Reitan is a Norwegian food market magnate with a net worth of 3.9 billion. Odd Reitan reached the billionaire status of his as CEO and co owner of Retain Group, a Norwegian wholesaler and list franchiser. He made the beginnings of his in 1972 as he set up the 1st store of his of Trondheim and the dad of his. By 1979, the father-and-son duo proceeded to discovered the food market chain store Rema thousand. Turning away to be a terrific success, there's opened a Rema thousand department store in every Norwegian village with more than 10,000 inhabitants by 1990. Ever since, the company has grown all over the world, expanding in Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. That is just how Odd Reitan, who had to the music group 4 Jets in the 1960s, became a profitable entrepreneur some couple of years later.

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