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Nadia Forde Net Worth of 5 Million Dollars

Nadia Forde is an Irish model, singer, and actress with a net worth of five million. Nadia Forde was named Ireland's trumper of the entire year in 2013. Forde starred in the TV3 series Nadia Goes to Hollywood in 2014. The series documented the time of her recording her very first single and also on her 1st acting job in the United States. Throughout 2013 Nadia came out on Ireland's The Late Late Show as well as presented on Irish morning TV. She performed for Dublin's Tivoli Theatre and was a regular visitor on RTE's The Republic of Telly. Throughout 2012 Forde was a contestant on the TV3 series Celebrity Salon. FHM people voted her one of the hundred Sexiest Women in the world. In 2014 she began touring to promote the very first single "BPM" of her which hit #8 on the Urban Club chart in the UK. Forde sang the national anthem just before Ireland's overseas soccer game from Sweden found 2013. In November 2014 she became a contestant on the reality TV series I am a Celebrity…Get Me From Here!

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