Mookie Blaylock

Mookie Blaylock Net Worth of 10 Million Dollars

Mookie Blaylock is a retired American professional basketball player with a net worth of ten million. Mookie Blaylock, also known as Daron Oshay Blaylock, came into this world in Garland, Texas, and proceeded to play basketball for The Faculty and midland College of Oklahoma. He distinguished himself as an excellent point guard with quick hands. The new Jersey Nets drafted him in 1989, and he had for the group at 1989 to 1992. Right after being traded to the Atlanta Hawks, he eventually hit the stride of his, and was called on the NBA All Defensive First Team, twice, the NBA All Defensive Second Team 4 occasions, and was an NBA All Star. He became one of just 5 players to ever steer the NBA in steals for 2 consecutive seasons. In 1999, he was traded to the Golden State Warriors, and finished out his last 3 years of play as being a reserve player on that team.

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