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Mike Tomlin Net Worth of 16 Million Dollars

Mike Tomlin net worth and salary: Mike Tomlin is the present head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers with a net worth of sixteen million and yearly income of six million. Mike Tomlin accumulated the net worth of his as one of the youngest coaches in the story of American sports and also he's the first black head coach to steer the Steelers. Though he was not an expert NFL player, Tomlin did participate in the game while in high school, taking the spot as a wide receiver/tight end. Tomlin crossed more than to coaching in 1995 as a wide receiver coach for Virginia Military Institute. Tomlin caught the attention of Arkansas State Faculty who hired him to coach the defensive backs. 2 seasons were spent by him there prior to proceeding on as being a defensive back coach for Faculty of Cincinnati. By the millennium, Tomlin was an NFL coach, moving on the role of assistant coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In 2007, Tomlin landed the present job of his as the head coach for Pittsburgh Steelers. As well as being the first black head coach for the Steelers, Tomlin is the tenth black head coach in NFL history. When the Steelers claimed the victory of theirs in Super Bowl XLIII throughout 2009, Tomlin became the NFL youngest head coach to win a great Bowl. He was aged thirty six in time of the victory.

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