Michael Winslow Net Worth of 1.5 Million Dollars

Michael Winslow is an American comedian and actor with a net worth of 1.5 million bucks. Michael Winslow came into this world in Spokane, Washington, and was a pupil in the Lisa Maile School of Acting, Modeling, and Imaging. He then proceeded to study architecture in university or college. After appearing on "The Gong Show", where he performed amazingly accurate impressions, he began to pursue an acting and comedy career full time. He's appeared in a string of comedic films since the early 80s, as well as touring with his special blend of good effects as well as comedy. He's appeared in such flicks as "Cheech and Chong's Next Movie", "Alphabet City", "Gremlins", "Spaceballs", "Far Out Man", "The Biggest Fan", & "RoboDoc". He's most widely recognized for the job of his within "The Police Academy" franchise. He recently introduced a sound effects and comedy app for iPod and iPhone, and he's been used as the primary audio effects source for multiple video games.

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