Michael Schoeffling

Michael Schoeffling Net Worth of 500 Thousand Dollars

Michael Schoeffling is an American model and actor with a net worth of 500 1000 bucks. Michael Schoeffling came into this world in Wilkes Barrie, Pennsylvania in December 1960. Michael was a liberal arts major at Temple Faculty in Philadelphia. He started modeling for GQ and photographer Bruce Weber even paid for him to have acting classes in the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in Manhattan, New York. Michael was a collegiate wrestler and won a gold medal for the United States as a part of the National Junior Wrestling Team in 1978. The film debut of his came uncredited in the 1984 movie Racing with the Moon. The same season Michael starred as Jake Ryan of the film 16 Candles. In 1985 he starred as Kuch of the film Vision Quest and as Matt found Sylvester. Throughout 1986 he starred in the movies Belizaire the Cajun as Hypolite Leger and Let's Get Harry as Corey Burck. Throughout 1989 he starred as Jan found Slaves of New York and as Michael in Longtime Companion. Schoeffling starred as Joe of the 1990 video Mermaids and the last appearance of his came starring as Al Carver of the 1991 movie Wild Hearts Cannot Be Broken. He retired due to a lack of roles and getting a family to feed. He proceeded to own a woodworking shop and produce handcrafted furniture. Michael married former model Valerie L. Robinson and the couple has 2 kids.

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