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Liz Taylor Net Worth of 600 Million Dollars

Liz Taylor was a British American actress that received a net worth of 600 million bucks in time of the death of her. Born Elizabeth Rosemond "Liz" Taylor on February twenty seven, 1932 in Hampstead Garden Suburb, United Kingdom, she's considered among the best display screen actresses of Hollywood's "Golden Age". Elizabeth Taylor (aka Dame Elizabeth Taylor) was among the world's most famous movie stars, recognized for the acting ability of her and for the glamorous lifestyle of her, beauty, lavish jewels and distinctive deep blue eyes, oftentimes described as violet. National Velvet (1944) was Taylor's first success (as a kid star), plus she proceeded to star in Father of the Bride (1950), A place in the Sun (1951), Giant (1956), Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958), Suddenly, Last Summer (1959) and others. The Academy Award for Best Actress for BUtterfield eight (1960) was won by her, had the title role of Cleopatra (1963) and married her costar Richard Burton. Burton and Taylor appeared together in eleven films, including Who is Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966), that Taylor won a second Academy Award. Starting in the mid 1970s, she appeared less frequently in film, and made just occasional appearances in theatre and tv. The much publicized personal life of her included 8 marriages and several life threatening ailments. By the mid 1980s, HIV was championed by Taylor and AIDS programs; she co founded the American Foundation for AIDS Research in 1985 and the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation found 1993. She received the Presidential Citizens Medal, the Legion of Honour, the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award and a lifetime Achievement Award from the American Film Institute, who named her seventh on the list of theirs of the "Greatest American Screen Legends". Elizabeth Taylor was married 8 times to 7 husbands (married two times to actor Richard Burton). Her other 6 husbands were: Conrad "Nicky Hilton, Michael Wilding, Mike Todd, Eddie Fisher (whom she controversially stole from his then wife actress Debbie Reynolds), John Warner and Larry Fortensky. Taylor received a long running also extremely close relationship with the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Taylor died of congestive heart failure of March 2011 in the age of seventy nine, having experienced many years of ill health.

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