Lewis Katz Net Worth of 400 Million Dollars

Lewis Katz was an American business executive that received a net worth of 400 million. Lewis Katz was the co owner of the Philadelphia Inquirer. Tragically, Katz died on May 31st 2014 in a plane crash, he was seventy two years of age. Katz and 7 other men and women, including crew and pilots, were murdered when a Gulfstream IV personal jet crashed soon after taking off in Bedford, Massachusetts. They passengers were going to Atlantic City, New Jersey. The crash happened just 4 times after Katz and a group of investors bid eighty eight million to purchase a controlling stake in the Philadelphia Inquirer. He was grew up in Camden, New Jersey just before attending Temple Faculty in Philadelphia in which he was classmates with Bill Cosby. He graduated with a degree in biology then proceeded to Dickinson School of Law in which he graduated very first in class. Within the next several years, Katz's career spanned a couple of industries from law to fund to entrepreneurship. The great bulk of the fortune of his out of was earned by him real estate development. Over time he spent moment as the owner or the new Jersey Devils of the NHL and the New Jersey Nets of the NBA. After receiving an honorary degree from Temple, Lewis Katz announced he was donating twenty five million on the college of medicine.

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