Lee Joong-Keun

Lee Joong-Keun Net Worth of 1.9 Billion Dollars

Lee Joong Keun is a South Korean businessman with a net worth of 1.9 billion. A self made billionaire, Lee Joong Keun made the debut of his in the billionaires' club in 2012 on the back of the good overall performance of the construction business of his, Booyoung Group. Born in relative poverty, he'd to work in his teenage years to pay for college. Once he graduated from Korea Faculty, Lee Joong Keun started investing in commercial property. Lee Joong Keun set up the apartment construction business of his in a time when South Korea had government policies that favored rentals. But, he returned to rags once again as he lost just about all of the wealth of his in 1979 when he'd no other option but to declare bankruptcy. However, he made a wise move putting Booyoung shares in his relatives' names. Ever since, he's definitely worked on re gaining the wealth of his. But, on the path of his he faced criminal charges as he was convicted for embezzling company money and also served a 3 year jail sentence in 2004. In addition to the above, a foundation which supports education in 2003 was launched by Lee Joong Keun. It's been since making donations to schools in impoverished places as Cambodia and Laos.

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