Leanna Archer

Leanna Archer Net Worth of 5 Million Dollars

Leanna Archer is an American entrepreneur with a net worth of five million dollars. Leanna Archer was created in Flushing, New York on 5th October 1995. She founded her very own Body and Hair care corporation Leanna's Inc. in Long Island in 2005. All of it started out as the grandmother of her made the very own pomade of her and Leanna got lots of compliments on the hair of her and so she thought it was due to the pomade. Right after telling the mother of her about the idea of selling it to be a product she did not get the desired result so the pomade was brought by her to the friends of her, being sure that they will have the same results as her, and the plan worked. She received immediate response and checks with people wanting the pomade in copious amounts. Then, a study on the internet on how to get a Tax ID and a business license was made by Leanna. The grandmother of her and the mother of her were amazed and immediately went with it. That is how in 2005 Leanna's Inc. was formed and available all kinds of hair products "no matter what the ethnic background is" of yours states Leanna. She's liable for all of the products of her and does a study on how to improve them from time to time. Now, she travels about America doing motivation speeches to young adults and kids. She's also done lots of interviews with huge news and papers channels like CNN and more. In addition to the above, Leanna Archer got the 5th place on the list "top nine young lions" who are making dark history.

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