Kelly Stables

Kelly Stables Net Worth of 3 Million Dollars

Kelly Stables is an American actress with a net worth of three million dollars. Kelly Stables came into this world in St. Louis, Missouri, and was an award winning high school cheerleader. She proceeded to graduate from the Faculty of Missouri with a degree of Communications and a minor in Theatre and Television Performance. She's appeared in numerous local theater productions, and is most widely recognized for acting and stunt work for horror and action movies. She's appeared as an actor and also stuntwoman in such projects as "Spider Man", "The Ring", Mansion" was Haunted by "the, "Bring It On Again", "The Princess Diaries two: Royal Engagement", "Rings", "The Ring Two", "How I Met The Mother" of yours, "State's Evidence", "Greek", "The Bold and the Beautiful", "Santa Baby two: Christmas Maybe", "Romantically Challenged", and "Mad Love". She's most widely recognized for her recurring part on "Two and a Half Men" and for the co starring role of her on "The Exes".

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