Kari Byron Net Worth of 1.5 Million Dollars

Kari Byron is an American television viewing host and artist with a net worth of 1.5 million bucks. Born in Los Gatos, California, Kari Byron graduated from San Francisco State Faculty with a degree in sculpture and film in the late 90s. Even thought no longer participates in gallery exhibitions, she will continue to sculpt everyday. Following actively pursuing a task with M5 Industries, an effects workshop, Ms. Byron started employed in the store, and was asked to be part of the "MythBusters" television viewing series. She and 2 other shop members became a 2nd team of mythbusters, regarded as the "Build Team", while in the next season of the show. The "Build Team" was consequently called upon to investigate the own team of theirs of myths, and now the show is split in between the 2 original members and the "Build Team". In 2010, Ms. Byron also started hosting the show, "Head Rush" on the Science Channel. The show is an academic science program geared to teenagers.

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