Kadim Al Sahir Net Worth of 10 Million Dollars

Kazem el Saher is an Iraqi singer, composer, and poet with a net worth of ten million. Kazem el Saher came into this world in Samarra, Iraq in September 1957. He's been called the "Caesar of Arabic Song" as well as "Iraq's Ambassador to the world". He's one of the best singers in case Arabic music history and also sings in the colors and styles of Arab pop, world music, folk pop, along with Arabic classical. Kazem el Saher is known for performing with a twenty to thirty piece orchestra in contrast to many Arab stars who carried out with heavy synthesizers and modest ensembles. He includes Iraqi folk instruments as well as melodies as well as rhythms to the music of his. Kazem el Saher has released many albums beginning with the debut of his The Olive Tree in 1984. In 1998 a UNICEF award was won by him also he's collaborated with artists including Lenny Kravitz, Quincy Jones, KC Porter, and Paula Cole.

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