JoJo Simmons

JoJo Simmons Net Worth of 2 Million Dollars

What's JoJo Simmons' net worth? JoJo Simmons' net worth is two million dollars. The child of rap artist Joseph Simmons, also known as Rev Run or DJ Run of the famed rap group, Run DMC, JoJo Simmons, or Joseph Simmons, Jr. has also pursued a career in rap. A part of the rap group, Team Blackout, he's shot one music video for the group's single "J5". He's the third of 7 kids in the Simmons' family, and graduated from Northern Highlands Regional High School. Opulent lifestyle and the wealthy family of his have landed him in hot water on various occasions, and he's far more widely recognized for the brushes of his with the law, then for the music of his. He's been charged with resisting arrest and marijuana possession of the past. Most recently, he's found himself embroiled in a public scandal, when he hit on a transsexual through Twitter, after which made anti gay comments in reaction to the finding of his that he was hitting on a transsexual.

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