Jody Scheckter Net Worth of 100 Million Dollars

Jody Scheckter is a South African former auto racing driver with a net worth of hundred million. Jody Scheckter was created in East London, South Africa in January 1950. He's famous for winning the Formula One World Drivers' Championship in 1979. Scheckter raced through 1972 to 1980 and had ten wins in the professional career of his. He drove for McLaren, Wolf, Tyrrel, and Ferrari. After fighting in Formula One, Scheckter won the World Superstars competition in 1981. He retired from racing and also founded the organization FATS Inc. which built firearm training simulators employed by police, army, and security organizations. The organization was sold by Jody to help fund the sons Tomas of his and toby in the racing careers of theirs. Jody Scheckter is now a biodynamic farmer that has been featured on DVDs and TV series.

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