Jim Bowen

Jim Bowen Net Worth of 3 Million Dollars

Jim Bowen is an English stand up comedian and tv personality with a net worth of three million. Jim Bowen came into this world in Heswall, Cheshire, England in August 1937. He's famous for hosting the television game show Bullseye through 1981 unless 1995. Bowen appeared in episodes of the television series You must Be Joking!, Screenplay, The Jim Davidson Show, Brass and Muck, Foxy Lady, News at 12, Family Fortune, Last of the Summer Wine, Phoenix Nights, Jonathan Creek, and The Afternoon Play. For 3 years he presented on BBC Radio Lancashire and today hosts a morning radio show in Cumbria. He's released the stand up DVDs Live in 1993 and you Cannot Tell These Anymore! found 2003.

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