Jerry Weintraub Net Worth of 325 Million Dollars

Jerry Weintraub was an American movie producer and former music executive that received a net worth of 325 million. Jerry Weintraub earned his net worth as the former CEO of United Artists also as via his various film production ventures and work as a talent agent. He came into this world on September twenty six, 1937, in Brooklyn, and raised in The Bronx, Jerry Weintraub. He's the male behind major films, spanning from Nashville, to the Karate Kid as well as Ocean's 11 film franchises. He also produced several Broadway productions and concerts for such musical stars as Elvis Presley, Led Zeppelin, along with Frank Sinatra. The same as in a fairytale, the kid from the Bronx without having a college degree eventually turned into a silver haired, lightly tanned and perennially optimistic male, who based the success story of his on the words: "if it has not been done, which probably just suggests it has not been tried." In which spirit, he was the first to have on a concert tour in a sports stadium, to promote the best hits of an artist (John Denver) that has only one hit, to have among the best singers in the world, Frank Sinatra perform in a boxing ring in the center of New York City. Because of the sheer output of his of quality projects throughout the years, several accolades and recognitions have been received by Weintraub. In 1986, he was named the Producer of the Year by the National Association of Theater Owners, and less than a decade later, Weintraub was permitted on the panel of the Kennedy Center. Likewise, he became among the first independent film producers being honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Nowadays, he spends the time of his with the girlfriend Susie Ekins of his in the home of his in Palm Desert, California. But, he's nevertheless technically married to famed actress Jane Morgan, aka Jane M. Weintraub. The couple separated in the 1980s, however, they never got divorced. Jerry Weintraub died on July six, 2015 in the age of seventy seven.

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