Jay Gould

Jay Gould Net Worth of 71 Billion Dollars

Jay Gould was an American railroad speculator and also a developer who had an inflation adjusted net worth of seventy one billion dollars. Born in Roxbury, New York on May twenty seven, 1836, Gould was a known villain which led him to be the ninth richest American citizen of history. A concern in mathematics surveying were taken by him and began work as a bookkeeper for a blacksmith and later on owned half of the blacksmith's shop. Maps for the area of Ulster County, New York was designed by him and also wrote and published History of Delaware County, and Border Wars of New York in 1856. Later that year, a tanning company of Pennsylvania called Gouldsboro, and successfully ran the business with partner Charles Mortimer Leupp till the Panic of 1857 was started by Gould. Gould was married to Helen Day Miller with who he'd 6 kids by the names of George Jay, Anna, Howard, Helen, Edwin, along with Frank Jay. Gould was eventually resulted in the railroad business by the father-in-law of his, Daniel S. Miller. Gould afterwards became active in the New York City political band known as Tammany Hall and became a comic character of Thomas Nast's political cartoons. The climax of Gould's career began in 1879 as he started developing a railroad system which brought the Union Pacific, Missouri Pacific Railroad, and the transcontinental railroad to fruition. He was a known Presbyterian and died on December two, 1892 in New York of tuberculosis.

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