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Jason Patric Net Worth of 3 Million Dollars

Jason Patric is an American movie, stage and television viewing actor with a net worth of three million dollars. Jason Patric was created June seventeen, 1966 in Queens, New York. He's known for the roles of his in the films The Lost Boys, Rush, Sleepers, Your Neighbors and friends, Narc, The Losers and Speed two: Cruise Control. The father of his was actor/playwright Jason Miller and the maternal grandfather of his is Jackie Gleason. Throughout high school in Santa Monica, California, he appeared in high school productions of Grease and Dracula. Following graduation, he was cast to the tv drama Toughlove with Bruce Dern. The following season, Patric was cast in Solarbabies along with Peter DeLuise, Lukas Haas, Jami Gertz, James LeGros and Adrian Pasdar. Within a several years, Patric will reunite with Gertz in The Lost Boys and At night and reunited with Dern in My Sweet. He also co starred with George Dzundza and Stephen Baldwin in The Beast. In 1993, he appeared in the movie Geronimo: An American Legend. Although he'd scenes in The Thin Red Line, they ended up on the cutting room floor. He, unfortunately, turned on the lead part in The Firm (1993), that then went to Tom Cruise. Patric garnered excellent ratings for the performance of his as an undercover narcotics officer of Narc (2002). Throughout 2005, he appeared on Broadway as "Brick" in a revival of Tennessee Williams' Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, reverse starred Ashley Judd, Ned Beatty and Margo Martindale. He upcoming appeared on Broadway other Brian Cox, Chris Noth, Kiefer Sutherland and Jim Gaffigan in a revival of his dad Jason Miller's play, That Championship Season (2011). In 2012, he soon began filming the Civil War movie, Copperhead, but numerous weeks to the shoot, he was removed from the project by the director, Ronald F. Maxwell for failing to have direction and was replaced by Billy Campbell. Patric was romantically involved with' Denial' co star, Robin Wright just before he soon began dating actress Julia Roberts times after she called off the wedding of her to Kiefer Sutherland in June 1991. The couple dated for 2 years, after which he dated former co star Jennifer Jason Leigh (1993 94). From 1994 2000 he was in a relationship with supermodel Christy Turlington.

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