Jasmine Richards

Jasmine Richards Net Worth of 500 Thousand Dollars

Jasmine Richards is a Canadian singer and actress with a net worth of 500 1000. Jasmine Richards came into this world in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada in June 1990. Throughout 2003 she starred as Shakira in the tv series Timeblazers. From 2005 to 2007 she starred as Margaret Browning Levesque in the television series Naturally, Sadie. From 2009 to 2010 Richards starred as Tara Bohun of the series Overruled! She voiced the role of Maya in the tv series RedaKai through 2011 to 2012. Throughout 2013 she starred as Reggie in the television mini series Bomb Girls. Richards has starred in the motion pictures Princess, Camp Rock, Camp Rock two: The final Jam, and also Picture Day. She's recorded songs for Camp Rock two: The final Overruled! and Jam.

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