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Janet Evanovich Net Worth of 120 Million Dollars

Janet Evanovich is an innovative Jersey born writer with a net worth of 120 million bucks. Janet Evanovich is most widely recognized as the author of the 16 Stephanie Plum novels, the majority of which have become bestsellers. She's written over thirty five novels to date, beginning with romance novels in the 80's. She focuses mostly on the action adventure genre now and is currently working on 3 different series. She was born Janet Schneider in South River, New Jersey in April 1943. She learned art at Douglass College plus became the first of the family of her to attend university or college. Children were had by her and opted to become a housewife. She started writing novels in her 30s & took improv acting classes. She spent 10 years working on the Great American Novel. She was encouraged to begin writing romance novels. She eventually got an offer for a romance novel for 2000. The novel Hero at large was posted under the pseudonym Steffie Hall in 1987. She became recognized for the hilarity of her in the romance novels of her. She discovered she'd a concern in romantic adventure novels coming from the first person narrative. She released One for the cash in 1994 about female bounty hunter Stephanie Plum. The book of her Hot 6 was her 1st #1 on the new York Times Bestseller List. She's created twenty one books for the Stephanie Plum Series of her. She's also written the Elsie Hawkins Series, Wicked Series, The Barnaby Series, Full Series with Charlotte Hughes, and Fox & O'Hare Series with Lee Goldberg. A Quill Award and a Dilys Award has been won by her.

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