James Finch

James Finch Net Worth of 200 Million Dollars

James Finch is an American businessman with a net worth of 200 million bucks. James Finch was created in Panama City, Florida, and graduated from Bay High School. He soon began doing work in the building industry soon after graduating, and proceeded to determined Phoenix Construction Services. The company's very first major customer was Tyndall Air Force Base, plus they've since grown into one of the most successful airport construction companies already in business. Along with owning Phoenix Construction, James Finch also has the NASCAR racing group, Phoenix Racing. The team competes in the the Nationwide Series and the Sprint Cup Series. Phoenix Racing won the Cup series in 2009. For early 2013, James Finch announced he was preparing to depart the racing world, as he was finding it difficult to secure sponsorship, and Phoenix Racing had not received a regular sponsor of 3 seasons.

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