J. R. Smith

J. R. Smith Net Worth of 20 Million Dollars

J.R. Smith is an American professional basketball player with a net worth of twenty million dollars. J. R. Smith, also known as Earl Joseph Smith, III, came into this world in Freehold Borough, New Jersey, and started playing basketball in high school. He proceeded to graduate from St. Benedict's Preparatory School, and was originally planning to attend the Faculty of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. But, he subsequently chose to enter the 2004 NBA Draft, and the new Orleans Hornets drafted him directly from high school. He spent 2 years with the Hornets. He played moderately well, earning Western Conference Rookie of the Month honors 3 times throughout the 1st season of his with the team. He was traded to the Denver Nuggets in 2006, and played very well for the team, including setting a franchise record for the amount of highly effective three pointers (eleven) while in a single game. He spent a single annum with the Zhejiang Golden Bulls in Asia in 2011, subsequently returned to play for the new York Knicks. He was named the 2013 NBA Sixth Man of the entire year.

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