J.R. Rotem Net Worth of 20 Million Dollars

J.R. Rotem is an American record producer, music publisher, and songwriter with a net worth of twenty million. J.R. Rotem received the net worth of his by creating music with artists as Destiny's Child, Sean Kingston and Rihanna. In 2006, the own record label of his called Beluga Heights was started by Rotem. J.R. Rotem was born Jonathan Reuven Rotem on September one, 1975 in Johannesburg, South Africa and then moved to Toronto in the age of 2 and finally to Moraga, California as he was twelve. He started to learn classical piano instruction as a kid. He came to Berklee College of Music in Boston with the initial intention of studying film scoring, however, he ended up majoring in jazz composition. As his very first major label placement, the Destiny's Child song "Fancy", through their 2001 album "Survivor", is cited by Rotem as being the first big break of his, and the song that convinced the small producer it was worth pursuing this career path. After that hit, it has been a couple of years before he will have another success. Rotem's subsequent major cut was fifty Cent's "Position of Power" throughout 2005. In 2006, Rotem began the own record label of his, Beluga Heights. Sean Kingston, a young Miami based artist, was the label's first signing. Kingston's debut album sold more than two million albums and ten million singles worldwide. The label also signed pop sensation Jason Derülo, whose debut album proceeded to sell fourteen million singles and more than one million albums worldwide. In 2009, Rotem was honored as BMI Producer of the entire year. In 2011 he was again honored by BMI as Songwriter of the Year alongside Lady Gaga and Derülo.

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