J. Paul Getty Net Worth of 2 Billion Dollars

John Paul Getty was an American businessman with a net worth of two billion in time of the death of his in 1976. John Paul Getty acquired the net worth of his as the founding father of Getty Oil Company. Getty came into this world into his father's (George Getty) petroleum company but made a title for himself as one of the first people in the world to have made more than one billion. After graduating in 1914, Getty ran the own oil company of his and also by 1916 had made his very first thousand bucks. By 1957, Getty was named probably the richest living American, and by 1966 he was named the world's richest private citizen with an an estimated net worth of 1.2 billion. A great lover of antiques and art, J was formed by Getty. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California. The Museum is part of the J.Getty Trust that is the world's wealthiest art institution worth 5.6 billion, as of 2011. The trust also works the Getty Foundation, The Getty Research Institute and the Getty Conservation Institute. In the 1950s, Getty moved to England (into a 16 centuary Tudor estate, Sutton Place) where he continued operating Other business and getty Oil interests. He remained there until the death of his in 1976. At the moment of the death of his, Getty was worth a lot more than two billion.

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