Heinz-Georg Baus

Heinz-Georg Baus Net Worth of 3.4 Billion Dollars

Heinz Georg Baus is a German entrepreneur with a net worth of 3.4 billion. Born in 1934, he's the founding father of Bauhaus AG, a home improvement company that placed him of all the richest men and women in the world. Right after finishing high school, Baus worked a few years as a carpenter, in 1960, and then, he released the first department store of the home improvement chain Bauhaus in Mannheim. 12 years later, Baus expanded the organization in Austria, and also in the years which follow, he kept opening brand new stores in various places, Turkey, including Finland, Hungary and Denmark. Today, this personal family company operates more than 220 stores in sixteen various countries, which makes Germany's second biggest home improvement chain which is worth about 6.3 billion. Bauhaus AG's top office has become placed in Zug, Switzerland, in which Baus lives together with the family of his.

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