Gulnara Karimova

Gulnara Karimova Net Worth of 700 Million Dollars

Gulnara Karimova is probably the eldest daughter of the President of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov, with a net worth of 700 million. In addition to being a child of likely the most effective male of the country, she's also a distinguished diplomat, businessperson and professor. Born Gulnara Islomovna Karimova on eight July 1972 inside Fergana, Uzbek SSR, she attended the Youth Mathematic Academy, out of that she graduated in 1988. Then, Gulnara obtained a Bachelor degree from the International Economics unit in Tashkent State Faculty. Nevertheless searching for the true calling of her, she proceeded to take a Jeweler Design course in New York Fashion Institute of Technology and finished it in 1992. But that is not certainly all as she pursued a Master's Degree in the Institute of Economy in the Uzbekistan Academy of Science in between the 1994 and 1996. In the period at 1998 to 2000, she also attended Harvard Faculty where she got a Master's Degree in Regional Studies. At exactly the same period, Karimova was able to attend the Faculty of World economy and Diplomacy (UWED) in which she earned the PHD of her in Political Science. Throughout 2006, she added a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications to her vast resume. Whereas 2 years later, she begun to serve as the Uzbekistan's permanent representative to the UN in Geneva, an article which she kept until 2011. At some point in 2010 she received the role of an ambassador of Spain to the Kingdom, another stint that came to an end in 2011. Finally, she founded the Forum of Arts and cultures of Uzbekistan, a Foundations Board of Trustees and a selection of NGOs, where she still serves as Chairperson. The main goal behind the Forum's inception is working on the improvement of various cultural and social elements of the life in Uzbekistan. While speaking of the personal life of her, she have married to Mansur Maqsudi in 1991 and filed for divorce some ten years later. The currently divorced pair has 2 kids, Iman and Islam. Karimova, that has had her downs and ups in equally life and work, now has passions in the telecommunication sector, healthcare and media industry. That is the reason why the one of her of the ten richest girls in Uzbekistan.

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