Gary Walker Net Worth of 11 Million Dollars

Gary Walker is a former American professional football player with a net worth of eleven million. Gary Walker came into this world in Royston, in 1973, Georgia, and played college the college football of his in the south for the Auburn Faculty Tigers. As a senior with the Tigers, Walker was honored as a second team All SEC player. Walker with the 159th general pick throughout the 5th round of the 1995 NFL Draft was drafted by The Houston Oilers. Walker, a defensive lineman, proceeded to play for the Houston, and later Tennessee Oilers, until 1998. In 1999, Walker joined the Jacksonville Jaguars, where he remained until 2001, when he signed with the Houston Texans. The career of his with the Texans in 2005 were finished by walker. The linebacker is a two time Pro Bowl player, earning the honor in 2001 and 2002, and was recognized as an All Pro player during the 2002 season. He finished the pro playing career of his with 433 total tackles to go along with more than forty six quarterback sacks in 155 games. The conclusion of Walker's career was marred by several injuries. He became the only player from the original Houston Oilers' team to also be a part of the Houston Texans after the NFL expanded back into the Houston area. Walker now resides in northern Georgia.

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