Fred Durst Net Worth of 20 Million Dollars

Fred Durst is an American director and musician with a net worth of twenty million dollars. Fred Durst came into this world William Frederick Durst in 1970 in Gastonia, North Carolina. While growing up, he started breakdancing, rapping, and DJ'ing. He didn't successfully complete boot camp with the U.S. Navy, so he started taking odd jobs to pay the bills and also worked with a few various bands. In 1994, he and a few others created the band Limp Bizkit, and they also were eventually invited to tour with Korn. The band's debut album, "Three Dollar Bill", released in 1997, with Durst as the group's vocalist. 2 years later, "Significant Other" was released by the band and later "Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water", each of which were commercially successful. Since then, he's released 6 studio albums with Limp Bizkit. The band attracted adverse publicity when sexual assaults and violent riots broke away following the performance of theirs at Woodstock' ninety nine. 2 years later, a teen died when the band's the stage was rushed by fans, and although Durst testified he warned concert organizers about a lack of security, the coroner discovered Durst was irresponsible as he had taken the stage. In 2006, Durst started a film career while the band was on a break. He co starred in "Population 436" and made the directorial debut of his with 2007's "The Education of Charlie Banks", before the band reunited in 2009.

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